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10-Minute Beautician’s Makeup Tips

Before you start, let’s prepare ourselves. Don’t skip your skincare routine. Don’t skip your skincare routine before applying makeup. We all have different needs when it comes to our skin, and it’s time to give it extra care.

Well-treated and moisturised skin is a great canvas for makeup application. So skip the serum and use a moisturiser regularly. While applying the moisturiser, treat yourself to a one-minute massage. This will help you relax and give your skin a natural glow. These 10-Minute Beautician’s Makeup Tips help you to get ready fast for any function.

Use a concealer with high opacity

1. Use a concealer with high opacity

The first tip among 10-Minute Beautician’s Makeup Tips is to see a concealer with high opacity. Since it’s not an eye make-up look, you can skip using a thicker coverage concealer that easily evens out your skin, covers imperfections and creates a flawless foundation. You can also use a thicker coverage concealer as a foundation base.

What I like to use the most:

When I’m looking for something with thicker coverage to cover blemishes and imperfections, I choose the Hourglass Vanish Airbrush Concealer. I don’t find that I need an extra layer of foundation with this formula because it does a great job. It also gives a glow to the under-eye area, making me feel like I’ve had a good night’s sleep.

Other good concealers that I have tried are Shape Tape Contour Concealer from Tarte, Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection Concealer from Pat McGrath, Fit Me Concealer from Maybelline and Becca. Ultimate Coverage Longwear Concealer.

2. Finish your make-up with powder

Using a large powder brush, apply a light layer of loose or thick powder over your foundation. This keeps everything in place, prevents unwanted shine (especially if you have oily skin) and is the perfect canvas for your other products. Use your favourite product: Always use good quality beauticians’ recommended products according to your skin. Always use your favourite powders according to your skin and recommended by expert beauticians.

3 Don’t be shy – add some lipstick and bronzer

Never underestimate the power of lipstick and bronzer. They are essential for looking fuller, fresher and more appealing at any party and other function. And since you’re showing your face on a computer screen that doesn’t have maximum camera quality, it doesn’t hurt to apply a little more than usual.

Apply bronzer around the face and on the cheekbones to give your face some warmth and volume, as it sometimes looks dull and uninteresting on webcams. Apply blush from the sides of the cheeks upwards and use bronzer to create a bold look. Blush can also add freshness to your face.

If you want more glitter, feel free to use a highlighter. Use it loosely and don’t apply it in the centre of the face so that it doesn’t look too shiny on the screen. For online meetings, I like to use Hourglass Classic Strobe Formula Finishing Powder the most. It still has shine, but it’s softer and more subtle – for an elegant, professional look.

The one I like to use the most:

When I’m in a hurry, a quick-to-use product that contains lipstick, bronzer and highlighter in one product helps. Use your favourite according to your choice, which can’t be put down. The rich colour, flawless base and flawless finish are so perfect on the skin and require almost no effort at all – to make it all work!

The Benefit Cheekleaders Pink Squad Palette and the ESQA Aphrodite Face Palette are two other face palettes that I adore for makeup application. I also have other favourite face palettes, like the NARS Overlust Cheek Palette, but it takes a little longer to master because of its creamy-powdery formula. And it’s not the best choice if you’re in a hurry. So stick to powder formulas.

Fill eyebrows in 10-minute makeup tips

4. Fill eyebrows

Eyebrows help to focus the face, and if they are not emphasised, it is easy to look like they don’t exist at all! This is especially true for webcams, so if you have a few empty spots, you can quickly fill them in with a thin eyebrow pencil. Once you have enhanced your eyebrows with concealer, you don’t need to do anything else – just fill in and tidy up.

Choose a colour that matches the colour and tone of your eyebrows, for example, a cool grey if you have black eyebrows, or a warm brown if you have brown eyebrows.

These are my favourite colours:

I have black eyebrows and I tried to colour them for a long time because all I could find were plain browns.  Most people advised me to use brown because they were afraid that the black/grey colour would be too dark and the most annoying thing was that the colour didn’t match. Then I discovered Benefit’s Cool Grey Freshly My Brow Pencil and I was so excited to find the colour that was missing in my routine.

5. Skip the eye shadow

 In any ceremony, you want your facial features to stand out and look sharp as quickly and easily as possible. You don’t need to spend time mixing eye colours and deciding which colour you want, because that won’t look good on camera anyway.

It is the eyelashes that make the difference. Eyelashes emphasise, open and define the eyes.

Since I don’t have long, thick eyelashes, I like to use false eyelashes, which are eye makeup in themselves and make my eyes look bigger, longer and more defined. I use a thin lash line so that it is easier to apply and looks more natural.

If you don’t like using false eyelashes or already have good lashes, a simple curl and mascara will do the trick! I also like to apply black, grey or dark brown to my eyes, which instantly defines the base of the lashes and makes them look thicker without doing anything.

This is how I like to do it best:

Use your favourite lashes of good quality to look different in function. I always prefer double lashes with a thinner lash line as it suits my eye shape and balances my face. Keep this in mind when choosing your lashes so they don’t overwhelm your overall look.

In my opinion, use the best mascara. It clings well to the eyelashes and helps to lift them. As for mascara, I’m not a fan of the brush because it doesn’t reach as far as I would like, but I love the Lash Paradise.

Lipstick in 10 minute beauticians makeup tips

6. The final touch!

 The last tip among 10-Minute Beautician’s Makeup Tips is to use Lipstick. Lipstick is difficult to shoot on camera because it can look too harsh if it’s too light, too shiny if you apply too much gloss, or too dry if the formula isn’t right. 

That’s why I prefer a comfortable matte lipstick formula that adheres well to the lips and provides the right amount of colour. It’s like lipstick on the lips, but better.

Which one do I use?

I adore Pillow Talk Matte Revolution lipstick.

This lipstick saves me time because it gives me clean lips without the need to apply lip liner. Pillow Talk lipsticks are also available in darker shades to match my skin tone. Other comfortable matte lipsticks are also available, such as Pat McGrath and Sunny’s Face.

Now you’re ready for the video interview!

With a little makeup and the right products in the right places on your face, your look can really change for the better. The steps described above may seem complicated, but if you start following them, you’ll be done in 10 minutes. All you need are the following make-up products

7. Lipstick

To make my work more efficient, I keep my “quick make-up kits” in a separate make-up bag so I can quickly grab them and go. It’s like a suitcase, but for quick make-up application. Even if I don’t have a make-up bag, I can keep my favourite blush, bronzer and foundation in this bag so I don’t have to look for something to wear that day.

A small investment in make-up will help you look and feel better, and you will set the tone for networking. You will love yourself more. It may sound trite, but it’s true. And if you can do it in 10 minutes, why not? If you are a beginner and don’t know much about making use of these makeup tips for beginners.

Use these 10-Minute Beautician’s Makeup Tips and try them out at your next speaking engagement, meeting, business meeting, and anything else you do online these days!


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